Rootcheck Project

RootCheck is an Open Source software that scans all the system looking for
possible problems. The result of the scan can be sent to an e-mail and you
can choose between the html or text format.
On this version, RootCheck execute these "checks":
For more information, look at the README.security file


To download our files, please access: http://sourceforge.net/projects/rootcheck/


Some examples that shows the rootcheck output against some systems are available here
The output of version 0.4, using the html format is available here


Information about the messages : ./info/
Information about the rootkits : ossec.net/rootkits/
Information about the levels : levels.html
Information about how to use : EXAMPLES

Systems tested

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Copyright Ossec.net 2001-2003
$RootCheck, v 0.2 2003/12/04, Daniel B. Cid$